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CBD in Montana: Official State Guide

The state of Montana has a lot going for it when it comes to cannabis. It's the only place where you can buy legal weed from more than one dispensary and grow your own at home with an indoor garden.

CBD in Montana

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CBD oil has been making headlines lately. It's being touted as a miracle cure for everything from cancer to depression. And while there is evidence that CBD can help people with certain conditions, it's also true that the FDA doesn't regulate CBD.

That means that if you're buying CBD oil online, you could end up with anything from a high-quality product to a cheap knockoff. To find out which products are worth buying, we researched our favorite places to get cannabidiol oils in Montana.

  • So, is CBD oil legal in Montana?
  • Which marijuana laws are in place?
  • Where can you get medicinal CBD in Montana?
  • How can you get a medical marijuana card?

These questions and more are answered in this article.

Best Places to Buy CBD in Montana
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Is CBD Legal in Montana? (Laws & Regulations)


CBD Legality




Montana legalized the recreational use of marijuana back on November 3rd, 2018. This was after voters approved Initiative 182 during the 2016 election cycle.

However, some cities like Missoula had already passed their ordinances allowing residents to possess small amounts of pot.

As far as medicinal uses go, patients suffering from chronic pain or epilepsy were allowed to obtain low-THC products before the law went into effect. But now, all forms of cannabis are available under the new system.

That said, not everyone was able to purchase CBD oil legally right away. Some businesses had to wait until July 2020 to comply with regulations set forth by the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

That included getting licenses and registering dispensaries.

Today, the process is much simpler, thanks to online applications of CBD licenses in the state of Montana. Businesses can purchase and sell CBD with ease after acquiring these licenses.

But even then, they won't necessarily sell every type of product out there. For example, edibles aren't currently permitted because they contain THC, which remains illegal under federal law.

So don't expect to see any edible brands popping up just yet.

Montana CBD Possession Limits

Under current laws, Montanans who want to use medical marijuana must first apply for a Medical Marijuana Card. If accepted, you may receive up to 2 ounces per month.

This amount doesn't include oils extracted from hemp plants. Those come with different restrictions depending on what kind of extraction method was used.

If you live outside of Helena, MT, you might need to travel farther to access these supplies. Many rural areas still lack adequate supply chains. You should check local news outlets to see how many dispensaries exist near you.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Montana

Getting a medical marijuana card in Montana is easy. All you need is proof of residency and a doctor's recommendation.

Doctors need to write a letter stating why they think CBD would benefit their patients. They do not need to provide specific dosages or quantities.

You'll also need your ID and driver's license along with two photos. Once you've submitted those documents, you'll wait about 30 days for approval.

Once you're cleared, you'll receive an official identification card. Please keep it safe. Don't lose it or give it to anyone else.

The process takes less than 5 minutes once you submit your paperwork. Afterward, you'll pay $50 at most pharmacies. There are no additional fees if you choose to buy online through one of the state's licensed websites.

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Finding Marijuana Dispensaries in Montana

There are two main ways to access CBD in Montana.

The first option is through licensed retailers who must adhere to strict marijuana laws put forward by the public Department of Revenue.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • Having proper security measures
  • Ensuring employees receive training
  • Keeping inventory levels consistent across different locations

These rules apply to both brick-and-mortar stores and delivery companies. If you want to know whether these requirements apply to your local store, check with them directly.

There are more than 100 locations where you can get high-quality CBD products in Montana. Most of them operate within city limits while others open shops in nearby towns.

Some places offer delivery services, while others only accept cash payments. And some charge extra for shipping costs. So, make sure to read reviews carefully when choosing a marijuana dispensary in Montana.

Here are some popular options that we recommend checking out:

  • Mountain View Cannabis Club: Located in Bozeman, this store offers free deliveries throughout the region. It has both retail and wholesale sections.
  • The Green Room: This location sells everything from flowers to concentrates. Their website lists prices and provides information on each strain.
  • Canna Care Collective: A small chain based in Missoula focuses solely on providing top-shelf cannabidiol products.
  • Cannaworks: Another great option located in Billings, this business specializes in whole spectrum extracts.

The second option is purchasing medical marijuana online. Below are some of the sites that sell medical marijuana.

  • Green Mountain Wellness Center: Offers mail-order service for all types of cannabis products, including flowers, tinctures, vape cartridges, and prerolls.
  • High Country Herbalist - Has a wide variety of strains available for purchase. Some even ship nationwide.
  • Highland Medicinals - One of the largest distributors of medicinal herbs in North America. Highland Medicinals ships across Canada and internationally.
  • Montana Bud Depot: An established company offers a large selection of dried buds, edibles, vapes, and other accessories.
  • Medical Marijuana Store: Provides a range of products, including vaporizers, pipes, bongs, grinders, and much more.
  • Pine State Relief - A trusted source for recreational weed since 2014. Pine State is known for its friendly customer service team.
  • Souris Valley Herb Co - Souris Valley Herb Company was founded in 2015. Its focus is on organic hemp oil and CBD products.
  • Titan Medical Supply: Titan Medical Supply is another reputable distributor of medical-grade cannabis products.

Next Steps

The best places to buy CBD in Montana include Canna Care Collective, Cannaworks, High Country Herbalists, Green Mountain Wellness Center, Highland Medicinal, Montana Bud Depot, Pine State Relief, SVRH, and Titan Medical Supply.

The most important thing when choosing where to buy cannabis online is finding a reliable seller. This means looking into reviews from previous customers before making a final decision.

It's always better to shop locally if possible because it allows you to meet vendors face-to-face.


How old do you have to be to buy CBD in Montana?

You must be 21 years old to purchase marijuana in Montana legally.

How much cannabis can I grow at home in Montana?

Adults can grow a maximum of one ounce of marijuana in their homes. The plants must be kept within the confines of their property, not on public land or adjacent to any school grounds.

Where can I use my marijuana in Montana?

As long as you don't smoke pot within 1,500 feet of any school, daycare center, public park, playground, or church, you're good to go.

How can I obtain a grow license of marijuana in Montana?

According to marijuana laws, you'll first need to apply for a state permit. To qualify for one, you'll need to complete a background check, pay fees, and submit fingerprints.

Once approved, you'll receive a temporary license which allows you to start cultivating up to six plants indoors. After three months, you'll need to reapply for a permanent appointment.

Which CBD Oil is Right for You?

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