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Kats Botanicals Review

Stress and anxiety have been a regular part of everyone’s days recently. Have you been looking for a natural way to relieve these feelings?

CBD and kratom have taken off in popularity in recent years as a solution to self-medicate and bring calm and peace. 

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As the founders of Kats Botanicals did when starting their company, there are several things to consider when purchasing from an alternative medicine business. 

Because these products affect your body and mental state, you should know their manufacturer's pros and cons.
  • Products are all organic
  • Products are sustainable
  • GMP complaint
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Not much info about third-party testing results
  • No free shipping on orders less than $100

If you're looking to try out CBD and kratom, or are already a fan and looking for a new manufacturer, look no further than Kats Botanicals. The company bills itself as "a leader in the alternative botanicals industry."

Read on in this Kats Botanicals review to find out more about the company and some of their top products.

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About Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals Review

Kats Botanicals was founded in 2016 by Justin Kats, who, disappointed by the quality of CBD and kratom products on the market, decided to start his own company based on the values of quality, testing, and industry knowledge.

Kats found that many of his competitors were using low-quality and low-potency products from unknown and sometimes illegal sources. Kats wanted his products to come from only trusted farmers and to install rigorous testing procedures.

3 Best Selling Products

Now that you know more about Kats Botanicals, it’s time to take a look at some of their top products. Below are our recommendations for the best products that the company manufactures and a good starting point for when you’re thinking about buying.

Kats Botanicals Cbd Oil

CBD Oil Tincture

A perfect starting place for new users. This 30ml tincture is cost effective but still a very potent oil.

Kats Botanicals Berry CBD Gummies

Berry CBD Gummies

THC free, Berry CBD Gummies offer a delicious new way to ingest CBD.

Kats Botanicals CBD Salve

CBD Solve

Made from all natural & organic ingredients and CBD grown.

Kats Botanicals Cbd Oil

Cbd Oil

This CBD oil from Kats Botanicals is a 500 mg tincture of full-spectrum oil.

It is Kats' lowest potency CBD product, with a natural flavor that is mild and inoffensive. The oil can be applied sublingually or mixed with other liquids or foods.


  • Natural flavor
  • Versatile.
  • Non-GMO


  • Droppers are unmarked and ungraduated
  • Harsh and overpowering scent

Kats Botanicals Berry CBD Gummies

Berry CBD Gummies

These CBD gummies are berry flavored, with many reviewers describing the flavor as natural and not overpowering. There are 30 gummies in each bottle, with each gummy containing 10 mg of CBD oil. 

Kats Botanicals makes sure to differentiate between their product, infused with CBD, and their competitors' products, coated with CBD or hemp oil.

Kats suggests using one to two gummies per day, depending on your experience with CBD.


  • Good gummy texture
  • Completely vegan
  • Infused with high-quality CBD isolate


  • Very sweet
  • Gummy potency is lower than other products

Kats Botanicals CBD Salve

CBD Salve

This salve comes from high-grade hemp oil, butters, beeswax, and essential oils.

This salve will rejuvenate and moisturize your skin while also infusing your pores with CBD to help you find calm and relief during your day.


  • It comes in two different amounts
  • Earthy scent
  • Easy to integrate into a daily routine


  • Thick texture
  • Not smooth

Kats Botanicals Manufacturing Process

Kats Botanicals’ kratom is GMP compliant, which means they are compliant with the American Kratom Association's current Good Manufacturing Practices. This achievement requires a high standard in facilities, products, and training for employees.

One of the tenets of the GMP guidelines is ensuring the cleanliness and potency of kratom products. The AKA requires Kats Botanicals to meet specific standards, keeping their products free from contaminants and at a certain potency threshold.

The manufacturing process includes several steps. The powder, which comes from Indonesian farmers, goes through a meticulous quality control process, then each lot of kratom is numbered so that it is trackable through the production process.

The kratom then goes through a pasteurization process to reduce the number of microbial contaminants in the powder. 

Following this step, Kats Botanicals spectroscopically tests the batches for microbes and metals. Additionally, the manufacturer tests for the presence of Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which are compounds in kratom that affect the brain’s opioid receptors.

Next in the process, Kats Botanicals lab-verifies the kratom, verifies the packaging material cleanliness, and performs a final product QC to ensure the product is clean, potent, and ready for consumer use.

The Kats Botanicals review process is strict, meaning that consumers will know they are getting high-quality CBD and kratom products.

Kats Botanicals Lab Results

Customers can see proof of purity and potency for their purchases. Using your packaging information, you can find the lot number for CBD products and enter it into the Kats Botanicals site. It’s also possible to scan the QR code on the packaging of your kratom product.

Using either the lot number or QR code, you can see information about your Kats Botanicals product's potency and purity.


Here are a few of the top questions customers have about Kats Botanicals.

Are all of Kats Botanicals products THC free?

The products are not entirely THC-free, but Kats Botanicals claim that all of their products contain less than 0.3% THC. The company says that they use trace amounts of THC to complement the effects of CBD in their products.

Is there free shipping available on every purchase?

Free shipping is available on all orders over $100. This shipping is standard and only available for residents of the 48 contiguous US states and not available for Canadian residents.

Are Kats Botanicals products organic? Vegan friendly?

Yes. Kats Botanicals are both organic and vegan friendly, with all ingredients coming from plant-based materials.

Do they ship to all 50 US states?

Certain products are not available to be shipped to some US states or areas because of legal restrictions surrounding these products. 

There are shipping restrictions based on legality. For example, kratom is illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Further, Kats Botanicals cannot ship to parts of Florida, California, Illinois, Mississippi, and Oregon based on these bans.

Do they offer money-back guarantees?

Kats Botanicals offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. This policy supports a refund or exchange for any purchases that are not to your satisfaction for any reason.

Why Purchase CBD From Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals takes care to source their materials and knows that all their products are made by ethical farmers using sustainable materials. 

The CBD that Kats Botanicals uses is entirely compliant with US CBD laws, which is not always the case with other CBD manufacturers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Kats Botanicals is a company that takes a lot of care to ensure their products are high-quality and ethically sourced with information on the origin of all their ingredients.

If this Kats Botanicals review has left you wanting to give the company a try, take a look at the products we’ve recommended, which are the top-reviewed customer favorites.

While you’re there, use the 2021 coupon code to start the new year off right. 

Kats Botanicals icon

Kats Botanicals is committed to bringing you quality products which meet your needs at the best possible prices.

Kats Botanicals vs Competitors

Joy Organics

Joy Organics icon
  • Lab tested
  • Regular discounts
  • Huge product selection


  • Free shipping
  • American grown hemp
  • Lab tested


CBDistillery icon
  • High quality products
  • Great customer service
  • Lab tested
Kats Botanicals
Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is committed to bringing you quality products which meet your needs at the best possible prices.

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Justin Powell founded Hemp For Future to give direct answers to many of the questions surrounding THC, CBD, and everything in between. He’s been at the forefront of CBD advocacy for years, and as the go-to guru for many people, he decided to pour all his knowledge into Hemp For Future. He’s here to tell you about the best CBD gummies, how to stay under the legal THC allowance, and the core differences between commercial and in-home marijuana growth.

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