Justin Powell
My name is Justin Powell, and I’ve been preaching the benefits of CBD long before the government finally put itself on the right side of history.

Hemp is a renewable resource; CBD is finally recognized as a substance with substantial medical benefits. The world is finally hopping on board, and I’ve been waiting for an era like this for far too long.

There’s a lot to know about growing your own marijuana at home for CBD, hemp, or even for the THC contents, which is why I’m here.

There are gray areas everywhere surrounding marijuana growth. What strains you can actually grow, what’s legal, how much THC is too much, and so on.

I’ve been the go-to guru for all my friends, family, and even my old coworkers. They had questions, I had answers, and sooner or later that snowballed into the idea of making a site based around it.

I’m here to walk you through everything. We’re going to discuss ever changing laws, regulations, and news surrounding hemp, as well as how you can incorporate it into your life if you’re a newcomer to this whole scene.

From the best CBD products to guides on the right lighting to grow marijuana in the first place, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.